To fit into my theme of multiple realities, I wanted to create a sculpture that showed what sound waves would look like if they were visible. So, I started brainstorming how sound waves would affect someone, and I came up with the idea that the wave could be emanating through them. I love rock music so I decided that my subject would be a guitar player. I sculpted the head and arms from polymer clay and attempted to cast them in rubber. The mold didn't release, though, and the casts were ruined. I was able to salvage the original head sculpt to use but I had to sculpt new arms in a night in order to complete the project, which is why the arms are my least favorite part of it. I wish that they could have shown my idea better since they were essentially the focus of the project. After I was done with the arms and head, I made the clothes out of scrap fabric I got from a thrift store.