Pixel Things

Pixel Things is a unique iOS sticker pack that features dozens of hand drawn retro-style stickers that are either static or animated. Over 5k units have been sold (and counting) between Pixel Things 1 and 2. Pixel Things has been #6 in top paid apps and has been in the top 10 numerous times. Simply search "Pixel Things" in the App Store or click the button below to download.


stars on the App Store

By far the BEST app for Stranger Things fans!

this is literally my favourite app i will use it for my entire life. i don’t even use apple emojis anymore. these give me every emotion i could ever want AND my favourite characters, as well as iconic pictures from the show (like an eggo! somehow apple doesn’t have a waffle emoji, so use this fun pixelated one instead). please give me more steve. thank you.


This is so amazing. I've been waiting for someone to make a st app/stickers for so long. It's incredible how much work you put into this!! I seriously hope the cast sees this because you deserve serious recognition.


This app is FANTASTIC I am so impressed by all the different types of emojis there are and how it incorporates things from the show that I love! For anyone who loves Stranger Things this app is a must have!!


as a fellow stranger things fan, I love this. the pixel art is nothing short of adorable and well made, and I can't wait to use this every day! awesome job!


These stickers are absolutely amazing. The detail and talent put in to each sticker is stunning. This app combines two of my loves, pixel art and stranger things. So I say thank you!!

It’s the best texting app EVER!

I just want to spend endless hours texting my family! It’s the best thing ever! I love it!


This app is amazing! It's so much fun! I know my friends are going to be jealous when I send them the stickers! If I had to rate it I'd give it a 11/10

Idk lol

OK this is amazing wth how do you have the time for this. You are so talented and u should be proud of your self


yo this is legit so cool!! i begged to get it and it was worth it 🙂 I really love it

Amazing !! ♡

The stickers are beyond cute !


So excited for this! (I'm @whichwichiswhich) I'm so grateful that you only made this a dollar. I can't wait to use these stickers more!

Ready for more stickers/expressions in the future 🙂


i love season 1 and 2 but please MAKE SEASON 3 STICKERS!!