Stranger Things Compilation Poster

After seeing the last trailer for Season Four of Stranger Things, I was inspired to take another stab at a movie poster design as I did back in 2017. I wanted to include elements of all four seasons to visually tie the story together in a nice bow, so I sketched a rough composition and then created a collage of photos in Photoshop to base my drawing on. I then imported that into Procreate and did a black and white sketch based off of it. After that, I used a round brush at a low opacity to build up colors, starting with the lighter areas first. A colored pencil-like brush was used to add details, then the drawing was imported into Photoshop for color and value adjustments as well as things like lens flares and titles. It was a challenge to get this done before the release of Season Four as I had intended, since that happened to align with finals at my school. Thankfully, I managed to get it done just in time!